National Library Week: Lend Me Your Blogs and Twitter Feeds!

Attention librarians and writers who love libraries! Next week, April 13-19, is National Library Week. In honor of this week, I made a challenge to my colleagues on ALA Council who maintain blogs and Twitter feeds. Now I make it to you:

If you have a Twitter account or a blog, I’d like to challenge you to join me in blogging or tweeting about your local library system every day of National Library Week April 13-19. Highlight some aspect of your local library that you enjoy or think other people ought to know about.

If you maintain both a general blog and a library blog, I’d like to suggest that your #nlw14 posts go on your general blog so we’re not all talking to each other during NLW. But any blog or social media feed will do. Let’s demonstrate the advocacy and promotion we’d like to see people do.

My posts are all queued up and ready to go on Eclectic Alaskan, the blog I mainly use for non library issues. They will be the entries tagged nlw14. I think what’s in libraries is worth knowing about. If you agree, join me. Even if it is only 140 characters or less a day.

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