ALA Units looking for bloggers

Passing along a note from a mailing list:

ALA Units Looking for Bloggers. These are two of them:

  1. @OIF is looking for bloggers! Details here:
  1. We need you to blog for LITA! Call for contributors close May 29 – send us your ideas!

Very likely there are more. To find more, go to

This note was posted by Don Wood, program officer for the Chapter Relations Office. I really appreciate Don’s commitment to information sharing.

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Day 4: Scratch Week 2 and Using My Geometry | Eclectic Alaskan

Sometimes we labor hard for a modest result. Such was my experience with Week 2 of the Programming With Scratch. I found week 1’s music based project empowering. Week 2’s Drawing with a Computer was considerably harder to get through. I feel like I understand the basic principle well enough – Put a pen on the screen, move, turn, rinse lather, repeat and you have a picture. I also did very well on the homework and quiz questions for the most part. But actually programming a sun and mountains picture was a struggle. It took me time and Google searching to figure out how to change the pen color. Then my mountains were staircases, off the stage entirely or vertical. I kept at it in part because the project required us to use repeat loops in our program.

via Day 4: Scratch Week 2 and Using My Geometry | Eclectic Alaskan.

Cross post from my personal blog on my experience with the Scratch programming language to draw.

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Coyle’s InFormation: Catalogers and Coders

The library catalog is not a classic case of the assembly line, but it has the element of different workers being tasked with different aspects of an outcome, but no one responsible for the whole. We have (illogically, I say) separated the creation of the catalog data from the creation of the catalog.

via Coyle’s InFormation: Catalogers and Coders.

Some interesting reflections here. I think part of the issue is that coding and cataloging are fairly extensive skill sets. Though this in itself would not prevent catalogers being brought in on the design of cataloging systems.

Her point about the standards bodies for cataloging and catalog systems having no reference to each other’s work is well taken.

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Day 1: So many interests / Adventures in Scratch Week 1 | Eclectic Alaskan


The “Day 1″ on this post means that it is another reset of my plan to write. every. day.

Part of my problem is that a lot of things interest me. While I don’t have much of a problem maintaining focus on projects at work, in my personal life I’m sort of an intellectual raven, dashing to and fro to the shiny and tasty things. Chasing after one interest has often meant other interests languishing. Case in point. I do want to write every day, either non-fiction or fiction. I’m also interested enough in computer programming, web resources and their potential uses in libraries that I enrolled in a new edX course from Harvey Mudd College – Programming in Scratch, CS 2002x.

via Day 1: So many interests / Adventures in Scratch Week 1 | Eclectic Alaskan.

Cross posted from my personal blog. I plan to document my impressions of a “programming in Scratch” class so you can help decide whether this is the sort of thing that you or people at your library would like to try. Scratch was designed for kids, but you can do interesting things with it relatively quickly.

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VoteLibraries graphics for your elections| EveryLibrary

VoteLibraries | EveryLibrary. – The next time your library faces an election you might find these graphics come in handy.

Here’s one example I particularly enjoyed:

“Business Development and Job Training” by Luis Prado

Image – Business Development and Job Training” by Luis Prado

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5 Common Student Loan Mistakes – Blog – United States Government Blog

From the U.S. Department of Education Federal Student Aid

1) Not figuring out how much you’ll need to pay each month

As you’re trying to plan your life after graduation, it’s important that you know how much you’ll need to pay each month toward your student loans so you can budget your other expenses accordingly. To estimate what you’ll need to pay based on your income and loan debt, use the repayment estimator.

via 5 Common Student Loan Mistakes – Blog – United States Government Blog.

Click the link for more tips about avoiding student loan problems.

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Attention LIS Students! – State/ALA Joint Student Memberships May be Available.

Thirty-four Chapters (aka state library associations) partner with ALA to offer students the opportunity to join them and ALA for one low price of $38, now through August 31, 2015. New program partners in 2015 are Arkansas Library Association (pending a bylaws vote), Delaware Library Association, Indiana Library Federation, Kentucky Library Association, Michigan Library Association, and Ohio Library Council.

via 34 State Library Associations Partner with ALA to Offer Joint Student Memberships | Membership.

If you’re in library school, you may be able to join your state library association AND the American Library Association (ALA) for the single price of $38. This is possible in 34 states and we in Alaska will be mulling it over at our next Executive Council meeting.

Trust me. This is an inexpensive way to find out if ALA is for you while supporting your state library association, which gets half the membership fee.

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