AkLA 2015: Early Literacy & New Media for Young Children

Daniel Cornwall:

Great list of resources from Homer Public Library Youth Librarian Claudia Haines.

Originally posted on never shushed:

For the past several daysI’ve been at the annual Alaska Library Association conference in Juneau, Alaska. It’s my chance to catch up face to face with the other librarians around our vast state and learn a few things from this resourceful bunch. (Juneau librarians turned books intothese beautiful table centerpieces! Cool, huh?)

I was asked to present a pre-conference on new media and young children and here are the resources I shared. The 3 hour session was jam packed with great questions, ideas and enthusiasm. Thanks to everyone who attended!

First the slides from the pre-conference:

This second link is a resource list including references specifically for librarians/educators and others useful for parents/caregivers. The resource link also includes review sites and other online resources.Early Literacy & New Media for Young Children Resource List

Here are the apps we discussed and several others I wanted to share:

  • Alphabet of Insects:…

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Via ALA – #FCC Launches New Consumer Help Center

Pasted from one my ALA mailing lists:

Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2015 1:17 PM
To: alacro-l@lists.ala.org

Good afternoon!

Roger Goldblatt spoke at the CRC I meeting today. He asked to share this information with librarians.

Help get the word out, please:

Roger Goldblatt, FCC, asked ALA CRC @ #alamw15 to share the new FCC Consumer Help Center with patronshttp://fcc.us/1Ex3ZKd

Here’s the press release:


Washington, D.C. – The Federal Communications Commission is launching a new online consumer help center that will more efficiently link consumers to the information they need, as well as make it easier for consumers to file complaints and get responses to their concerns. The consumer help center is part of the FCC’s broader efforts to reform its processes to better serve the public. By quickly and efficiently managing consumer complaints, the FCC will help protect consumers and give them a greater voice in its policy initiatives to improve communications services for all.

Improvements brought by the new help center include:

* Streamlined, user-friendly complaint filing system

* Ready access to helpful information that will empower consumers to resolve some problems on their own

* Better communications between consumers and FCC consumer representatives

* Ability for consumers to monitor complaints, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

* Faster delivery of complaints to service providers, enabling them to respond to consumers sooner

The help center will also streamline the process of synthesizing and analyzing consumer complaint trends, and will make more of that data readily accessible to the public. Better monitoring of these trends will help the FCC, consumers, and industry identify broader problems and shape policy that will promote better service.

The Consumer Help Center can be found at http://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov

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Science Fiction Podcasts

Daniel Cornwall:

I don’t have much time for podcasts these days either, but will try to look at this list. Thanks to Planetary Defense Command for sharing.

Originally posted on Planetary Defense Command:

SCy-Fy posted a list of science fiction podcasts last month, and more recently has been running a series of interviews with sci-fi podcasters.

Despite being a regular consumer of audio content, I haven’t started listening to podcasts yet. A friend recommended a non-fiction podcast, Hardcore History, and I became aware of several of the sci-fi podcasts on SCy-Fy’s list through their Goodreads groups or twitter feeds, but I never followed through and became a listener.

I always seem to have a backlog of audiobooks to listen to, which is probably the main reason I haven’t investigated alternate forms of audio content. It’s possible there’s a technical solution to the other reason for my reluctance: most podcasts appear to cover multiple topics in each episode, and I don’t think that there’s a convenient method for skipping over topics if one of them isn’t of interest. (I use an Ipod shuffle…

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The Next Internet Is TV – The Awl

The Next Internet Is TV – The Awl.

This article talks about the end of websites and the pushing of all content onto social networks and apps.

I don’t think this will be helpful to the nonprofit sector who will be unable to afford display prioritization. Nor do I think that emulating television is a helpful model.

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#ALAMW15 #alacouncil III

Here are my rough notes from Council III of ALA Midwinter 2015. Some of the documents links for reports and resolutions may be problematic. Eventually everything should be sorted out and posted to http://connect.ala.org/council

2014-2015 ALA CD#8.3_2215_inf

2015 ALA Midwinter Meeting

ALA Council III

Tuesday, February 3, 2015, 9:30am-12:30pm

McCormick Place Convention Center, W375e, Chicago, IL

Presiding: Courtney L. Young, ALA President

Assisting: Sari Feldman, ALA President-Elect

Secretary of Council: Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director

Parliamentarian: Eli Mina

Order of Business

      • Call to Order   

10 Mins

- Introductions and Announcements,

Courtney L. Young, ALA President

- Establishing the Quorum, (75 Councilors constitute a quorum)

Courtney L. Young, ALA President

- Agenda Review,

Courtney L. Young, ALA President, ALA CD#8.3

(New Items May be Introduced Here)

- Memorials, Tributes and Testimonials,                 5 Mins

Courtney L. Young, ALA President



No vote called, passed by unanimous consent.

Resolution Urging Library Directors to Encourage and    10 Mins. (Moved here by unam consent)

Support United for Libraries Memberships for Each of Their Trustees, Councilors Susan Schmidt and Emily Bergman, ALA CD#35, Revised, 2215


Discussion: Mostly positive. One Councilor wondered if other divisions could get Council support for building their divisions. I say yes.

Voted Yes. This is positive and library related.


Reports of ALA/Council Committees                5 Mins

        • Report of the Tellers, Kent Slade, Chair               

ALA CD#11.2

Elected to Executive Board for 2015-2018 term.

*Loida A. Garcia-Febo    _62 Votes

*Julius C. Jefferson, Jr.    _78 Votes

*Mike L. Marlin        _69 Votes


      • International Relations Committee                 10 Mins

Loida A. Garcia-Febo, ALA CD#18-18.1


No Discussion


      • Intellectual Freedom Committee                10 Mins
  1. Douglas (Doug) Archer, Chair, ALA CD#19-19.1


CD#19.1 – Charlie Hebdo Resolution


Councilor: Less than 10 libraries hold this publication, murders did not take place at a library. This isn’t a library issue.

This was a close vote.

Voted Yes, with reluctance


      • Committee on Legislation                    10 Mins

Vivian R. Wynn, ALA CD#20-20.1

Unavailable online as of 6:45am 2/3/2015 – Document of this name is actually CD#11.2, Report of the Tellers.

COL is looking for library supporters with Congressional connections to be part of a new network. If you know someone, please contact Joan Reeves or Vivian Wynne. So far have 60 people in network.

LSTA is up for revision in 2016. New subcommittee will take input. Denise Zelinski chair.

CD#20.1 Resolution of Preserving Public Access to Scientific and Technical Reports Available Through the National Technical Information Service

Discussion: None

Voted Yes. Always right to urge access and better preservation measures. NTIS cost-recovery is status quo.


Vivian reminded people to send COL resolutions if they involve contacting Congress.

Question from Barbara Stripling: Why nothing on ESEA (School libraries)? Answer: No related legislation introduced yet. Stripling believes that ESEA may come up quickly.

It’s a rare rebuke to COL from an ALA Past President. Admire her courage and persistence.

Emily from Washington Office – There is a section on ESEA in report on potential legislation. Have talked to two members of Congress (whose names were mentioned but I missed).

      • Reports of Special Committees/Groups


      • Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion         10 Mins

Trevor Dawes, Co-Chair, ALA CD#14


TF has defined equity, diversity and inclusion. Currently surveying membership. They will have a program at Annual.


      • New Business:


      • Resolution on the Destruction of Libraries and Schools in Gaza in 2014, Councilors Jane Glasby and Al Kagan, ALA CD#32

http://connect.ala.org/node/235075 – NOTE: This is NOT the latest copy. A paper copy of a revision was handed out at Council Forum II, but was not posted on Connect as of 6:45am 2/3/2015.


Hate to put it this way, but about what you’d expect. Extremely strong feelings on both sides and dueling fact sets. Here are a few highlights:

LLAMA Councilor – LLAMA board rejects Gaza resolution.

Lauren Comito – Compared Gaza to Manhattan and analogized damage by naming branches. Supports resolutions.

Larry Romans – what gets sent to people in Resolutions? Just resolves or whereas’? Fiels – Only the resolves, but whole resolution is available as a public document.

Councilor – Concern about compromising work of Washington Office to work on the Hill. In current political climate, I’d have to agree.

Amendment – Add “Deplores the placement of weapons and other acts that make libraries, schools and other cultural resources viable military targets.”

Voted No on Amendment because I wanted whole resolution defeated.

Needed a standing vote count – very rare in ALA.

56 N 40 Y – FAILED

Additional discussion.

Voted No. There is not a clear consensus among ALA membership on this issue. We also appear to be inconsistent in our condemnations of attacks on libraries. Finally, our input is unlikely to be heeded by any party in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or by our rabidly pro-Israel Congress.

FAILED – Overwhelmingly


      • Announcements, Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director and ALA Secretary of Council

Final attendence – 10,637, touch below Seattle and 1500 lower than Philadephia.

Erica Findley – KY – Supreme Court ruling any time.

We should help support KLA to fix law even if they win. If they lose, how can ALA help with 77 petitions and 23 election dates.


    • Adjournment, Courtney L. Young, ALA President
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#ALAMW15: Tributes

Many Conferences the Council of the American Library Association (ALA) passes tribute resolutions honoring individuals and institutions that have made significant contributions to libraries. These individuals and institutions need not be librarians or libraries. For instance, we honored FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler for winning the first expansion of a program that will allow more schools and libraries to have a better connection to the internet and better equipment inside of their libraries.

Here is the full list of individuals and institutions honored at the 2015 ALA Midwinter Conference in Chicago on 2/5/2015:

Nathan Scott, T-#1


The Ferguson Municipal Public Library, T-# 2


Linda H. Lord, T-#3


Charles Wilt, T-#4


Tom Wheeler, T-#5


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#ALAMW15: Memorials

Every conference, the Council of the American Library Association (ALA) takes a few minutes to remember librarians of note whose deaths have been brought to our attention since the last Conference. Each of these people has a memorial resolution where the librarian’s life achievements are celebrated and condolences on behalf of ALA are made to the family.

Here are the people we remembered at the 2015 ALA Midwinter Conference in Chicago on 2/3/2015:

Diane P. Monnier, M-#1

Jean E. Lowrie, M-#2

Roger C. Greer, M-#3

Chris Olson, M-#4

Ruth V. Bell, M-#5

Ferol Ann Accola Foos, M-#6

Miriam Drake, M-#7

Lois Mai Chan, M-#8

Judith Hopkins, M-#9

Mary Woodley, M-#10

Julia Claire Blixrud, M-#11

Vivian Blache Cazayoux, M-#12

Ernest A. DiMattia, Jr. , M-#13

John H. Hunter, M-#14

Donald J. Sager, M-#15

Leslie Feinberg, M-#16

Paul Kay Sybrowsky, M-#17

If you knew one of these librarians, please leave a memory in comments.

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