He was Atkins before Atkins was cool

I have just finished reading Discovery, the autobiography of arctic explorer Vilhjalmur Steffansson. I found it very engaging. It has an index and Steffansson recounts his failures as well as his successes. The book also has an interesting chapter on the Cold War’s negative effects on scientific advancement.

But that’s not why I’m writing this morning. I am writing because Mr. Steffansson had total faith in a high-fat meat diet that he came to call the Stone Age Diet. In the last chapter of his book, “My New Stone Age”, he credits the diet with helping him to recover from stroke and eliminating his joint stiffness. This was in the early 1960s, prior to the promotion of the Atkins Diet. Although the Atkins Diet was started in the 1960s, Steffansson had lived on and promoted the “stone age diet” off an on since 1906. So he truly was Atkins before Atkins was cool.

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