“Taking book from library, 5-year-old Johnny, who taught himself to read, selects The Ring of the Nibelung, which looks interesting to him. Library has wide choice of simpler books like the Bobbsey Twins, but bright children tire of these quickly, abandon them in favor of poetry, biography, science and politics.”

(LIFE Magazine, “Life inside a genius school.”)


This reminds me of a story from when I was ten. As long as I’ve been alive I’ve been interested in astronomy and space travel. I quickly got tired of children’s books (remember The Sun by Zim?) and when I was ten went into the 500s stacks at my local public library and got a stack of adult-level astronomy books. The person at the circ counter didn’t want to check them out to me. She was sure I wasn’t actually going to read them. Fortunately my mom was there and stuck up for me. And some great nonfiction reading began. Can’t remember the titles now, but I remember being happy with my finds. And tired of adult assumptions.

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