AkLA13 – Conference of Awesome

I am home from the 2013 Alaska Library Conference in Valdez. It was personally awesome for me for a number of reasons, including:

  • I found out that the tumblr Libraries Build Community is run by an Alaskan librarian who I respect a good deal. It’s nice to not be the only Alaskan tumblrarian. There’s at least one other Alaskan librarian tumblr but don’t have her address yet.
  • I competed in my first ever battle decks event and tied for first. Battle decks is when you’re given a theme and an autoadvance slide deck you’ve never seen before. Everyone who participated generated some laughs. It was the most fun I’ve had in conference in awhile. A big thanks to Karen Jensen and Coral Sheldon-Hess for organizing it.
  • I received the second annual Alaska Library Network service award.

Apologies if I sound too aggrandizing here. I’m trying to break the habit of rejecting and minimizing every honor and compliment I’m given.

As I recover from conference and travel, I’ll be posting more from the conference, starting with links to resources in the four talks I was involved in (two solo, two team).

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