I had some work that needed doing, but I’m back again. I’ve been a little down in the dumps lately about my future as a librarian and questioning if getting a MLIS degree was worth it.

I’ve been looking for a library job consistently for over a year now with no success. Oh sure, I got a part time…

I didn’t see a reply button on this post, so I’ll respond to it here.

The key part I need to quote here is:

I’ve worked in libraries since ‘97, as an assistant librarian or tech guy, and yet I’m only seen as the tech guy.

Why is being the tech guy a bad thing?

Only going on your post, I’d like to suggest it is a bit of typecasting. And I don’t have a good answer for you on how to break out, but am reblogging your post in case someone else does.

A long time ago in the late 1980s, I had the exact opposite problem. I had worked as a student assistant in my university library and I was desperate to get out of the field. I went to a job fair in hopes of finding something different. Several potential employers looked at my resume and said “Library, library, library. – Why aren’t you working in a library?”

Eventually I did find some non-library work. Found it didn’t agree with me so I went back to working in libraries.

One thing that MIGHT work for you, depending on your location is seeing if you could get some librarian temp jobs under your belt that aren’t “tech guy” Three firms that I’ve least have heard of are:

I used a company in Los Angeles called Library Management Systems (LMS) when I was a library assistant. It kept me working in the field until I found a permanent job with a law firm that LMS had initially placed me as a temp. I don’t think they exist any more.

I hope this is helpful. I think being known as a tech guy is a good thing and hope you’ll find a way to combine your two interests.

Rock The Library: And the stars look very different today

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