A simple one today, with it being National Library Week and the world going mad.

What are some of your fondest library memories?

Mine are simple, small ones.

Looking at books about animals in my elementary school library and making my own construction paper books on what I learned (I remember…

My earliest fond memory is when I was 10 or so and wanted to read a copy of the Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual. My parents couldn’t afford a copy and my local library did not have a copy. BUT the reference librarian offered to get it for me through something called “Interlibrary Loan.” When the book came in I was thrilled. This was at a time when ILL was reserved for “research only.” I’m glad that librarian stretched her definition of what was considered research.

Not a specific memory, but it was just joyous to seemingly have the world at my fingertips whenever I visited a library growing up.

Back before it moved, I visited the Central branch of the LA Public Library and was just amazed that it had whole rooms devoted to microfilm and genealogical records. 

Le ciel tumultueux: Get To Know Your Tumblarians Tuesday: Dearest Library Memories?

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