Code Academy Update

I’ve been on Code Academy for three days now and I am starting to learn things about HTML I did not know before. Specifically I am about to embark on a module about the <div> and <span> tags. These are tags that currently fill me with dread whenever I come across them in our HTML documents at work. Sometimes it seems like their sole purpose is to frustrate my efforts at adding material to pages.

Hopefully I will lose this sense of dread after this module. After Div and Span, it’s off to CSS, which I only know enough to tweak existing code without breaking it to bits. It will be nice to have some creatively of my own.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, one of my duties as Head of Technology and Instructional Services is to serve as backup webmaster when the webmaster I supervise is on vacation or if we’re between webmasters. So I can always stand to update my web skills even though I’m officially a manager. Knowing how to code better also gives me a better feel for what is and is not possible in web design.

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