ARGH. This is a) unacceptable, and b) so. fucking. preventable. See: SheSourceThe Li.stThe OpEd ProjectPOWER Sources ProjectLadyJournos.

Still: this is bigger than a sourcing problem. This is a byline problem, a Style section problem, a language problem, a trend story problem, a lazy journalism problem, an oversimplification problem. Also: I fundamentally reject the notion that women are less likely to want to be quoted.

There are free online databases to check for plagiarism. Maybe what we need is a free online database to check for dumbass, avoidable gender bias. 

In an analysis of 352 front-page stories from the January and February of this year, a study found that the New York Times quoted more than three times as many male as female sources. Read more at Poynter

Article worth thinking about.

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