Free LIBRARY PROGRAMMING webinars in August 2013

All times are Mountain Time

August 6 (1-2 pm)

Civic Engagement in Your Library Community – A Guided Tour of the Book-to-Action Program and Toolkit


Book-to-Action is an innovative library program being implemented in libraries throughout California. Funded by IMLS/LSTA, Book-to-Action programs have offered California residents both the opportunity to collectively read and discuss a book and to put their newfound knowledge and perspective into action by engaging in a community service project related to the book’s topic. The activities and guidelines presented in the Tool-Kit are now available and will be of great value to libraries everywhere. Bookto-Action offers libraries a new way to collaborate with and support organizations doing vital work in local communities, and to expand the role of the public library by mobilizing volunteers in work that enhances civic engagement.

For more information and to register for this program, visit:


August 16 (1-2 pm)

Hands-on NASA Activities to Celebrate Our Personal, Cultural, and Scientific Connections to the Moon!


Public library staff and informal educators are invited to join the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s Explore program team for hands-on activities and programming ideas! Use food, art, storytelling, and interactive investigations to celebrate our Moon! Explore: Marvel Moon activities rely on inexpensive materials and can be flexibly implemented. As the children complete each activity, they collect pages to assemble into their own comic books.

For more information and to register for this program, visit:

August 20 (1-2 pm)

Inclusive Library Programs for People with Intellectual Disabilities (InfoPeople)

Libraries have always strived to create structurally accessible facilities in order to accommodate all users regardless of physical disabilities. However, has your library considered creating inclusive programs designed to break attitudinal barriers, in order to promote library access? This webinar will guide library staff toward creating, promoting and implementing a library environment that supports users with intellectual disabilities – from identifying community partners and outreach and creating inclusive programming – to staff sensitivity training. This webinar is designed to equip staff with the tools to create a library experience that is inclusive to all users, including those with disabilities.

For more information and to register for this program, visit:

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