Happy to be here! (In the HyperLib MOOC)

My name is Daniel Cornwall. I am the Digital Librarian for the Alaska Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums. I supervise a webmaster and an IT specialist. Together we collaborate on digital services for our division, develop common resources across boundaries and navigate our State’s larger IT infrastructure. I’m active in supporting distance outreach efforts (web chats, webinars, videoconferences, etc) and am very interested in lifelong learning and distance education. I also provide education on software and our state’s databases resources.

In addition to my work for the Division, I just started a part-time reference librarian job with the University of Alaska Southeast where I’m looking forward to getting professional experience in an academic library. For more of my professional experience, check out my LinkedIn profile.

When this course was first announced, I registered as quick as I could but that wasn’t fast enough. I got a very polite e-mail thanking me for my interest in the Hyperlinked Library course and I figured that was that.

I was sorta stunned when I received an offer to register this morning. It was almost like an Owl delivering an invitation to a certain school. I’m looking forward to the course and getting to know my classmates better.

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