Modifications and why I have two Tumblrs

POST MOOC NOTE 12/7/2013: After taking the HyperLibMOOC class, I decided that having multiple Tumblr accounts wasn’t working for me. I find Tumblr is a resource that radically blurs professional and personal activities so I’m merging the two accounts into the one Eclectic Alaskan. “Librarian From Alaska (this blog) also has a full import of the posts from

Hi All,

I modified my blog some. I’m comfortable with WordPress because I use it in several roles, including as a member of the web team for the Alaska Library Association.

Near the top of the right hand side of my blog, you should see the latest five posts from my “professional tumblr” which focuses on library and technology issues. At the bottom of the right hand column, you’ll find the latest five posts from my “personal tumblr” which focuses on my personal photography and reblogs of stuff I find interesting – usually astronomy, other science items, fandom posts and general “be good to one another” type stuff.

As my classmates, feel free to follow either Tumblr if you are on Tumblr yourself. I decided to develop a professional Tumblr in response to a blog post my friend Dr. Starr Hoffman aka “Geeky Artist Librarian put on her blog titled Pondering Professional Online Presence. Both the post and the associated comments are good food for thought.

Have you developed a clear professional online presence? Have your personal and professional online experiences thoroughly mixed up? That was me a few years ago and I’m still untangling things. I’d like to know how you done things.

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