Some things never change. This is good.

From the reading for module 1 and crossposted from my Tumblr:

“The principal reason for most investment in collection development is not preservation but the need to provide convenient access to materials that people want to see where they want to see them. If someone asks to see a book, it is not entirely satisfactory to answer that a copy exists and is being carefully preserved in some foreign national library. The need is for a copy here and now.”
Buckland, M. (1992). Redesigning library services: A manifesto.American Library Association. Retrieved from the years since this book was written, “a copy here and now” has moved from “a copy at the library” to “copy on my computer” as an ideal. But the motivation to spend money to bring a resource as close to the user as possible has not changed in the past 21 years. I think this is a good thing.
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