I gave up Twitter – Am I alone in the MOOC?

POST MOOC Comment 12/7/2013 – When this post was on the MOOC site, it got 22 comments, making it my most active post. I did not import the comments out of respect for the ownership of my classmates’ comments.

UPDATE 9/9/13 – I now have an account. Find me at twitter.com/danielcornwall. It was nice that no one had taken that name in the time that I deserted it.

I’ve been very appreciative of your comments and think this has been a great example of a non-judgmental conversation that allowed everyone, including me to draw my own conclusions about Twitter. It was a welcome break from the “Tastes Great!/Less Filling!” sort of debate you see too often on the ‘Net.


Andrea Mullarkey‘s post Channels reminded me that I am deaf as a post to the  #hyperlibMOOC channel on Twitter. That’s because after 2-3 years of using Twitter, I closed out my account on 12/31/2012.

I don’t think Twitter is bad or useless. I accept that it works for a lot of people. It just didn’t seem to be working for me. Facebook and Tumblr give me a lot of useful professional information and a satisfying amount of professional interaction. I use LinkedIn on and off and try the monitor the interesting conversations that go on there. For me personally, Twitter didn’t appear to contribute much new, I had a low rate of interaction with others and it just got to be one too many social networks. So I dropped it.

I believe in trying out new things, then keeping the ones that work and discarding the ones that don’t. But occasionally I wonder if I didn’t make a mistake in dropping a tool that seems to have relevance to so many librarians. So I want to ask two questions – pick and comment on the one that matches your experience:

1) If you dropped Twitter, when did you do it and do you miss it?

2) If you agree with the statement “A professional librarian simply must have a Twitter account”, why do you think that’s true and who are the five most useful Twitter feeds you follow?

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