Hi I am at the library. Their Internet section needs to be weeded. Here are some highlights.

This is why we need to weed. Or at the very least, transfer books like these to a library concentrating in the history of the internet.

The problem with Library 2.0, is that it seems to be stagnated on explaining how the internet works. It’s basically at the same point as these weeded books.

For libraries to truly embrace social media as a way to serve their users and to connect with them, Library 2.0 has to move beyond explaining the existence of these tools and move towards some actual research in how these tools work or don’t work across a variety of situations.

I definitely agree that we don’t really need articles on “how to set up a ____” as much as we need “Here is how to tell whether your _____ is working” or “Here are some situations where _____ has produced significant engagement with patrons.”

Or in other words, less setup, more evaluation.

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