Prepping for my context book assignment – How to fit in multimedia

So I’ve finished reading David Weinberger’s Too Big to Know. I’m looking to do my context book assignment in the next week or so because by the due date of November 4th, I’ll be in the midst of packing for my 11/6-11/12 trip to Chile to see Comet Ison and sky objects of the Southern Hemisphere. This also likely means that I’m going to be mostly out of action for modules 10 and 11. Unless I spring for wifi on the planes. It will be a long, long journey and possibly worth it.

I’ve read the sample book review and I’m just about ready to begin. The one part of the assignment I don’t feel comfortable with yet is “Use images, video, and other media to enhance your artifact.” I could just embed David Weinberger’s talk:

And call it good. But that seems like cheating. Another thought I just had would be to create a short screencast of a couple of Zooniverse projects – MoonZoo to show what people are doing in Science and Notes from Nature to illustrate the potential for libraries to turn their digitized materials into valuable machine readable data. But that might have a “but I digress” vibe to it because I’d like to focus on how libraries can be part of the answer to building “smarter rooms” that may one day rescue our society. Or at least get us talking again.

If you’re planning your context book assignment early, I’d love to hear your approach to integrating multimedia into your report so that it is a valuable contribution to your report rather than a box to check.

via MOOCing Up North

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