Consider the checkout slip – Consider customization limits

I’m taking a chance I’m merely speaking out of ignorance, but I was kind of peeved by Aaron Schmidt’s Consider the Checkout Slip in the Module 6 readings. Not because I hated his ideas on checkout slips. Actually I thought his suggestions were spot on.

What peeved me is that there is no obvious pathway to get from the checkout slips I have today to the custom slips that Aaron proposes. He doesn’t even confirm whether his idea is past the design stage. If it did, where could we learn about its implementation? What sort of Integrated Library System (ILS) does he have? What module are the labels controlled from? My understanding, which could be wrong, is that our SIRSI/DYNIX system has only limited customization for the checkout slips. We get to chose from a few different layouts, but don’t get to design things from scratch like Aaron appears to be urging us too.

Later I may track down some SIRSI/DYNIX documentation to see if I’m wrong (I’d like to be) but it would have been so nice to either get some generic pointers about where to look for a customizable checkout slip or to be told upfront that this was just a thought experiment and we ought to be bugging our vendors for better checkout slips in future releases.

via MOOCing Up North

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