One of the things we heard time and again at this year’s LIANZA conference was that librarians can no longer expect to be spoon-fed paid training, in work time, if they want a career instead of a job. Libraries who want to advance their career and stay on top of what’s happening in the world of librarianship need to have control of their learning and that includes paying for professional development opportunities which they complete in their own time.

Some hard but mostly true words from Cath Sheard in New Zealand. I’m not positive that one has to PAY for professional development opportunities in this day and age. But I definitely agree that a librarian or other information professional who wants a career will need to spend some of their own time developing themselves. Most people have time they can trim back, be it watching TV, reading political blogs or whatever.

I freely admit there are a few people who may not have any free time left and I wish I had better answers for them. But I don’t see any. If you do, please reblog this post and tell us your solutions.

Who is in charge of your career?

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