My HyperLibMOOC classmate Lindy is planning to implement a MOOC study group at her library. Her post also points to one other library that actually ran a similar program. I’m looking forward to seeing how this moves forward and what participation is like.

I have the gut feeling that supporting a group of people in a MOOC would require changes in library computer policies, particularly time limits, that many libraries would not be comfortable making. But I’m still in data gathering mode.

I do know that our with our current limits at MY library, people would not be able to successfully complete most online classes I’m aware of on our public computers. People with laptops who could use our wifi would probably be ok – unless they were all watching videos at the same time.

What about your library? Could someone complete an online class – MOOC or otherwise using your public terminals?

Emerging Technology Plan: Implementing a MOOC Club | Left-Coast Librarian

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