Automatic YouTube Captioning: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

The above video will be first on my playlist for my Virtual Symposium assignment. I’m sharing this one early in case any of the rest of you will be incorporating YouTube videos into your assignment.

In many cases, YouTube will automatically caption your video without being asked. You can edit a copy of this caption file and set the edited track as your default caption. About 20 minutes ago, I looked over the automatic captioning for this video. It was very, very atrocious and something I’d be embarrassed to pass off as a work product. So I took the time to hand edit the transcript. It now reflects what I actually said. I’ve left the automatic captioning on as an option on this video so you can compare it to my hand edited version. Click on the “cc” button on the video and choose English for my captions, automatic for the mostly odd YouTube automated captions or “Translate Captions” to see the captions in a language of your own choice.

via MOOCing Up North

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