Assignment: Virtual Symposium

Merciful Love Labyrinth - Shrine of St. Therese.

Wow. Hard to believe that I’m writing up the last assignment and that this MOOC is nearly over. I’ve really enjoyed reliving my grad school days and hate to see this end. Learning will go on, of course, but not at the same intensity.

I chose to record videos to reflect on the MOOC as a whole and on the individual assignments. My choice was made easy by the fact that I had a trip to Chile planned and so had instant exotic locales to record from. Because I think I might have carried on a little too long, I’m offering two versions of my talk.

Long Form – Includes all reflection videos (26 minutes for all six videos)

You’ll probably want to turn down the sound and just read the captions for my Online Professional Learning Network reflection. The wind blows hard in the Atacama!

Short Form – Only the introduction and final thoughts videos (9 minutes)

You’ll notice that I introduce myself at the beginning of each video. I really went back and forth on that. In the end I kept the intros for every video because there is a chance someone might blog an individual video rather than the whole playlist.

In the video on blogging, I said I’d share a partial list of the classmate blogs that inspired me. As this is a partial list, please don’t feel bad if I left you out:

As I say in the concluding video, I’m thankful to everyone on this MOOC. Michael, Kyle, Henry and the other homeroom leaders and to you, my fellow classmates. Thanks for making this such a great and enjoyable learning experience for me.

via MOOCing Up North

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