ALA Council Meeting Rules

I’ve started my review of ALA Council Documents in preparation for ALA Midwinter 2014. Today I looked over the rules that Council will be using for their meetings.

The rules look sensible enough to me. I’ll need to be careful in debates though. Each Counciler is only allowed three minutes for their initial remarks on a topic and may not speak again until everyone has had a chance to do so. This is perfectly reasonable when you consider there are more than 180 people on Council. But I think it will help me to keep from being the first person to speak on a topic.

I hope to offer more blog posts on Council documents as I read through them, but there may not be time before Midwinter. Another thing I plan to do is to use this space or perhaps the AkLA Facebook page to briefly explain my votes on issues that come before Council. I’ve seen a few Congressmembers do this and it seems like a reasonable approach. But it may depend on how fast and furious voting becomes. Since this is my first meeting, I don’t know what to expect, even though I have poked around minutes of previous meetings.

All documents for MW 2014 can be found at

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2 Responses to ALA Council Meeting Rules

  1. Peter Hepburn says:

    Welcome to your first Council meetings! I hope that they go smoothly. I had to chuckle at your comment on trying not to be the first at the microphone – assuredly, for some issues, there will be others who will be mighty fast to get up there. 😉

    See you at Council I!

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