ALA Midwinter 2014: Agendas – My First Take

My exploration of ALA Midwinter 2014 Council documents continues with looking at the agendas provided for these major meetings:

MW 8 ALA Council/Executive Board/Membership Information Session Agendas (information)
MW 8.1 ALA Council I Agenda—1/8/14 (action)
MW 8.2 ALA Council II Agenda—1/8/14 (action)
MW 8.3 ALA Council III Agenda—1/8/14 (action)

For Council I, II and III my understanding is that these are very much tentative agendas because Councillors will be bringing new business, resolutions, etc. But I figured they were still worth looking over ahead of time.

If you’re interested in ALA’s current major initiatives, the information sharing meeting between Council and the Executive Board is likely worth your time.

Turning to the agenda for Council I, I learned that it takes 75 Councillors to have a quorum. I guess excused absences are easier to come by than I thought. But I’ll be doing my part to give Council a quorum.

In Council I, unless new business turns out to be more interesting, I’m most looking forward to the report from the Digital Content and Libraries Working Group. We in Alaska are very interested in ebooks and I’m part of an exploratory committee looking at different models we might apply in Alaska.

In Council II, the agenda item that most catches my eye is FY2014 Programmatic Priorities. There has been some discussion on the Council mailing list about what ALA ought to be doing and what things it should consider letting go. I hope that is part of what will be under discussion.

For Council III, I’ll be waiting for the report from the Committee on Legislation (COL), as they’re currently doing some high-profile work regarding government documents.  Like my Free Government Information Colleagues, I’m concerned that the COL FDLP Task force may be conflating digitization with preservation. This issue may or may not come up as COL works on a whole range of legislative issues.

I will also be interested in the tributes section of Council III. Some remarkable stories of bravery can be found in ALA’s tributes.

As the headline implies, these are my first takes on the Council agendas. I’m positive there will be a lot of new business. I’ll try to provide more news when new business starts appearing on the agendas – or at least try to write about it after the fact.

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