3D Printers Now in Library Supply Catalogs

Just a few years ago, 3D printers were pretty esoteric devices not for the faint of heart. Now you can buy one through the Brodart Library Supply Catalog. Priced at $1599, the Afinia H-479 3D Printer will print items up to 5″ cubed.  From the picture in the catalog, it looks like it prints one colored objects, but I could be wrong having no hands on 3d printer experience.

I’m not endorsing or opposing this particular model. I just find it interesting how quickly 3D printers are starting to be viewed as simply another piece of library equipment.

If you’re interested in seeing the Afinia up close, Brodart will have one at ALA Midwinter 2014. They’re at Booth 1057. They didn’t pay me to say that. 🙂

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