Will keep an eye out for 3D Printing at ALAMW

I’m writing this post from Seattle, where I’m overnighting on my way to Philadelphia. Sometimes you just can’t get from Juneau to somewhere else on the same day. That’s the reality of rural life. Though many of my Alaskan friends would look askance at me for referring to Juneau’s teeming 32,000 people as a rural area.

I’ve had an an Alaskan or two contact me after my “Follow me at MW” post to the AkLA mailing list. As a result, I’m going to make sure I drop by the Brodart table to see the new 3D printer they’re selling and I’ll keep an eye out for other Maker type hardware.

I was also asked if I intended liveblogging Council sessions and was advised against it. I assured them and assure you now that my posts of Council sessions will not be live. I’ve found through webinar attendance that I can either pay attention or live tweet. So I’ll pick taking notes and hopefully writing about them later that day. I’m NOT getting down on anyone who believes they can do both. At least not till I see them react in Council meetings.

If people REALLY wanted and the wifi was really good, I could take my notes on a Google Doc or Hackpad while the session was going on, but that seems like more work than is required. Plus my initial notes can be kind of cryptic.

Anyway, keep the ideas coming, especially if you’re from Alaska.

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