Kindness at SEATAC

As I’m waiting for my flight to take me to ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia, I wanted to chronicle a few acts of kindness I saw.

1) Man pays for someone else’s baggage – The Alaska Airline baggage check employs a desk where two parties are at the desk at once and the clerk alternates which side she helps.

Directly ahead of me in line was a man who was unable to pay his bag check fee. The clerk was respectfully directing him to a different customer service desk where he could TRY to make other arrangements when the other man at the counter said “I’ll pay his fee and paid the other guy’s $25 baggage charge.” This was very encouraging to witness.

2) Fellow traveler lets me know I left a bag at the security checkpoint – Because I travel with both a laptop and a CPAP machine, me at TSA sometimes resembles Gimli visiting Rohan. I use lots of containers for my various equipment and cases. Usually I remember to pick up everything.

But this time I had left the check point, rounded the corner and had started to put my boots back on when a woman stopped by and asked “Did you have a blue back pack?” I looked around around, noticed my missing bag and and said “Yes, I did.” She let me know it was still at the checkpoint. I was able to get my bag without incident.

Kindness exists. Know it. Share it.

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