Daniel Tries Google Glass

Here are two views of me wearing Google Glass at 2014 ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia:

Google Glass I

Google Glass II

Thanks to Janet Fisher for snapping these pics with her cell phone.

I’m grateful that ALA collaborated with Google to provide some opportunities for ALA Midwinter attendees to try out this new technology. It was a great idea and I hope a lot of people found some benefit.

When I first came up to try Google Glass, the person from Google (PFG) first asked me to try wearing the appliance without my glasses. This works for some people, but I guess my eyes were too bad. I saw a rectangle with blurred text underneath.

So PFG let me put on my glasses. She was very efficient in walking me through the basic features. You control Glass with a combination of voice commands and using one of the temples as a touch pad. Applications can be controlled by swiping backwards and forwards. If I remember right, you can switch between applications by swiping up and down. I mostly focused on the directions app. Currently it does not offer street view but Google is working on that.

My personal experience was awkward. I found that I had to continuously rebalance Glass on top of my glasses so that the heads up display would remain visible. I could not recommend the basic version of Glass to glasses dependent people. At this point, our smartphones serve us better. But it looks as though Google has just released a version of Glass compatible with prescription lenses. I would be interested in trying that. Especially if it could tie in to facial recognition from a personal database of people I know. Too creepy? I just hate introducing myself to people I already know.

Have you had personal experience with Google Glass? What did you think? I hope Google comes back to ALA Annual.

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