ALA Representative Report to AkLA 2014

While I have posted my official ALA Representative Report to the AkLA General Membership Meeting page, I thought I should cross post the report here:

ALA Representative Report to the Alaska Library Association

February 26, 2014 (AkLA 2014)

Since the last AkLA Conference, I have succeeded Sue Sherif as AkLA’s ALA representative. She attended ALA Annual 2013 as AkLA’s Representative and I began my formal duties at the 2014 Midwinter Meeting.

ALA Council reports and actions from the 2013 Annual Conference at are available at (see docs marked “AC”) and reports and actions from the 2014 Midwinter Meeting are at I have posted detailed accounts of ALA Council events and observations on Council  to my blog at

Three items that I really want to bring to the attention of AkLA membership are:

1) Resolution to formally allow programming at Midwinter Meetings – There was a resolution at Midwinter (MW 40 Resolution to Allow Programs at American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Meetings) to allow formal continuing education sessions at Midwinter, something traditionally associated with the ALA Annual Conference. This resolution will come back at Annual. So far the feedback I have gathered from Alaskans is to oppose any move to expand Midwinter. This was also my initial inclination, so I intend to oppose the resolution when it comes back to us.

2) ALA Strategic Framework and Enabling Strategies – There is wide agreement within ALA that our organization needs to change. The nature of that change has been subject to intense debate. Recently ALA President Barbara Stripling and the ALA Executive Board identified three areas and enabling strategies for closer examination by ALA Membership and posted related documents to ALA Connect:

– See more at:

If you are not on ALA Connect, please consider signing up. You may join ALA Connect for free whether or not you are a member of ALA, though members have a few extra powers that ALA non-members do not. But all can read and comment. If you need help to sign up for Connect AND you live in Alaska, please contact me and we’ll arrange a time I can walk you through the sign up. Also, it is probably the only social network not selling your data.

3) ALA President-Elect Courtney Young will take office as President at the end of the 2014 Annual Conference. At Midwinter she announced a break with precedent that I welcome. Instead of starting a new Presidential initiative, President Young will focus her energy on supporting current efforts focused on the “Value of Membership” in ALA. You can read more about her specific proposals at

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