AkLA 2014: OWL Preconference

This is the first in a series of posts about my attendance at the 2014 Alaska Library Association (AkLA) Conference in Anchorage Alaska. One of the things that I like about the AkLA Conference is that it is small enough to fit in one hotel – at least in Anchorage. It is also great to see all the people I don’t get to see for the rest of the year.

My first event at AkLA 2014 was the Online With Libraries (OWL) preconference. I was both an attendee and speaker at this preconference. The preconference was the latest in a series of training events for staff of libraries involved with Alaska’s OWL Network program. My bit was a presentation on teaching digital literacy classes. I split my hour between some quick presentation tips and resources for digital literacy curriculum and then a demo of a literacy lesson evaluating websites. I put the resources for that talk into a research guide.

My State Library colleague Julie Niederhauser did a good presentation on internet safety and identity theft which sparked a lot of great discussion. We heard from several other speakers, including Bob Bocher and Jamie Hollier. I felt like it was a day well spent.

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