AkLA 2014: Getting Healthier in the Library

Getting Healthier in the Library with Kari Sagel was one of the more unusual (in a good way) sessions I attended at the 2014 Alaska Library Association (AkLA) Conference. It wasn’t what I personally was looking for in workplace health practices, but that’s ok. I learned new things and a number of people in the session appeared to get real benefit from. Also, if I could buy the trait of “unfazeable” to add my own Librarian character, I would totally do that.

Rather than a set of standard wellness tips, Kari presented a personal journey that touched on the locavore movement and her personal participation in it, efforts at gamifying her journey to health and an interesting article about how sitting for long periods is so terrible for you it cannot be counteracted by regular workouts. The article itself is in one of our proprietary databases, but here’s a New Zealand article on the research. The article itself is:

Lovett, Rick A. 2013. “Are you sitting comfortably? Well, don’t.” New Scientist 218, no. 2923: 44-47. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed March 8, 2014).

Kari closed by showing some social media tools to track good health habits and invited people to join her on a social media journey from now until the 2015 AkLA Conference in Juneau.

I think it’s a good thing for librarians to share their personal journeys once in awhile. I really do wish Kari and the others well as they journey towards wellness.

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