AkLA 2014: Turn On, Tune In, Get Social

My last official AkLA 2014 educational session was the brilliant social media panel – Turn on, Tune In, Get Social with Stacia McGourty, Erik Carlson, and Coral Sheldon-Hess.

It was a pretty free form session with lots of questions and comments from the audience. One key thought that stuck with me is that an organization that only talks about its events and resources on social media is like the friend who only talks about themselves. All of the panelists agreed that throwing fun things in — perhaps as much as three fun things to every serious thing — would really help an organization’s engagement level. Coral’s blog post notes for the session have examples of organizations she thinks are doing things right.

I think any of the presenters on this panel would be fun to have at your conference.

That’s my organized notes for AkLA 2014. It was a good experience. I’m happy to say that my own sessions went well. Getting good content, networking with friends and colleagues while pulling off good presentations is all that I can ask of any conference.


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