From the ALA Director 4/4: ALA Membership Development

Membership Development

Membership Count

The ALA personal member count as of February 28, 2014 was 54,740, an increase of 21 members compared to last year.  The total ALA membership count as of February 28, 2014 was 57,426; just 92 fewer members than February 2013.  The February organizational member count was 2,499 compared to 2,600 last year, and the corporate member count was 187 compared to 199 last year.  Joint ALA-Chapter student membership packages exceeded last year’s count by 109. Three divisions and six round tables had membership increases.


ALA Membership Committee Encourages Adding “ALA Member” to Signatures

At the direction of the ALA Membership Committee, members’ dues payment receipts now contain prominent language encouraging members to add “ALA Member” to various signatures on their communications such as e-mail, social media, business cards, and more.

[Daniel – How do you feel about adding ALA Member to your various signatures? I’m thinking about a place that will fit while wondering if doctors and lawyers put AMA Member and ABA Member in their signatures. ]


ALA Ambassadors in Las Vegas

ALA members interested in becoming an ALA Ambassador at the 2014 Annual Conference in Las Vegas, helping first time attendees to better navigate the conference and meet new colleagues, please contact Tina Coleman in the Membership Development office at  (Please note that Ambassadors need to have previously attended at least three ALA annual conferences.)

This was excerpted from EBD # 12.20 2013-2014 Report to Council and Executive Board April 4, 2014 from Keith Michael Fiels Executive Director

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