#alaac14 Conference Tips Roundup

In my preparations for the 2014 American Library Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas, I have run across several resources that will be helpful not just to ALA attendees, but to conference goers in general and visitors to Las Vegas in particular:

Local Las Vegas Information from Association for Library Service to Children

Regardless of your reasons for visiting Las Vegas, you are going to want to listen to the children’s librarians. They’ve put together unbiased information on:

  • Making the Most of Your Budget
  • Getting Around Town (Including how to avoid the scenic route when taxi-ing)
  • Handling the Weather
  • Staying Safe and Other Miscellaneous Information (Including Beware the Card Slappers)

My favorite tip mostly because of its conflict with the usual librarian stereotype is:

Drinks: The easiest way to get cheap drinks? Gamble! Cocktail waitresses will bring around drinks the entire time you’re gambling for absolutely free whether you’re playing high stakes poker or the penny slots. You just have to be sure to tip them each time or they’ll suddenly disappear but otherwise the drinks will keep on comin’. There are cheap drinks and food options at happy hours at the restaurants around town as well. Every place has their own times for happy hour so you’ll have to call around to see but generally it’s between 3-5pm. Some restaurants even have midnight or late night specials which include cheap food and drinks. This website populates happy hour and late night locations based on zip codes, names of the place or keywords.


Conference & Travel Packing & Survival Tips by Bobbi Newman

Bobbi Newman is a frequent speaker and international traveler. You ought to listen to what she has to say. This post focuses on what to pack to make your life easier at conferences. Also offers tips on networking and health.  She also has links to a number of other conference veterans.

I haven’t yet picked up a portable cell phone charger, but it’s on my list. Especially since I don’t seem to be getting great battery life out of my Samsung Galaxy III.


Getting the Most Out of Your ALA Experience with Keanu Reeves

PC Sweeney, director of EveryLibrary California, emphasize the social and networking aspects of professional conferences, illustrated with stills from Keanu Reeves movies. While I’m not quite on board with:

If you’re sleeping, you’re conferencing wrong. You can sleep when you get back to the reference desk.

He offers a lot of solid networking tips. He was also convincing enough that I signed up for the EveryLibrary After Party.

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