Personal Learning Network Updated

As a result of the Fall 2013 Hyperlinked Library MOOC, I formalized a Personal Learning Network (PLN). At the time I said I’d update my PLN under any of the following conditions:

  • Once a year in January
  • Whenever my job duties change
  • When pieces of the network die (i.e. if Facebook were to go under)
  • If I become bored with its output

My blog readership is light enough that you probably didn’t notice I didn’t change anything in January. That’s because back then I had rumblings that my job duties were going to shift. Things were quite fluid for awhile, but in July I was given a lateral reassignment. My previous position won’t be refilled. I’m actually pretty thrilled about the change.

As the new Internet and Technology Consultant for the Alaska State Library’s Library Development section, I’m doing less supervision, less bureaucratic infighting and more direct engagement with Alaska’s libraries.

So now that the change in job duties is official, it is time to update my PLN. Aside from dropping supervision of division IT management, some internal cat herding and liaising with outside IT agencies, many of my duties are similar to my former position. They’re just directed outwards instead of inwards. So I view my learning needs as similar. So the PLN is tweaked rather than redone wholesale.

The biggest change was probably in my Technology Skills section, where I wiped out a number of free sites in favor of my institution’s new subscription to It’s already helped me out in a few skill areas.

Another change of note is in my maintenance plan. I originally planned to follow a number of resources via NetVibes. While I still respect NetVibes as an excellent RSS reader, it turns out I didn’t need yet one more place to log into each day. So I’m sticking mostly with email, Twitter and Facebook.

I do plan to look at my PLN again in January 2015, after I have six months or so of library consultations and training under my belt. I may eliminate the staff development piece altogether since Library Development has a Continuing Education Coordinator. But I’d like to see how things play out.

If you were in the HyperLinked Library MOOC or regular SJSU course and did the Personal Learning Network project I’d love to hear how (or whether) you’ve tweaked your PLN since you finished the class.


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