Internet Librarian Rough Cut: Boopsie App

My next “Rough Cut” is from a vendor session, which I don’t normally attend unless I already have a vendor relationship. But Megan and Tony did a good job of making their case.


Reaching Patrons with a Mobile App – Megan Vizzini and Tony Medrano of Boopsie

Vendor session


Questions about type of libraries and types of devices

Corporate background on Boopsie

Out of world’s estimated 7 B people, 6 B have access to mobile phones

99.8% of college students use cell phones and tablets – [missed source but one was provided]

Boopsie strongly believes apps are here to stay?

Their slide deck is stamped confidential and proprietary

Provided reviews of other apps with vendors blanked out, but was able to use Google to discover who.

Demo’d spritz, allows you to read articles at high speed, one word at a time. I don’t like it. Supposedly highlighted in Lucy.

See for more and judge for yourself.

Discussion of Boopsie itself – Now includes an ebook reader. Video of embedded reader looked pretty useful.


Boopsie intergrates apis of 30 ils’s and 30 digital content providers

They ask what happens when a developer discontinues their app?

Strong partner list including Overdrive, EBSCO and Mango Languages

Claim – At least 30% increase in circulation – increasing use of your library’s services is what matters.

10/28/2014 3:53 PM – Screen Clipping

10/28/2014 3:54 PM – Screen Clipping

Some stats – “WA LibraryNow App” – about monthly unique users of app, about 5000. Monthly queries over 200,000.

Survey from WA – Frequently (more than 1x week) 39.8%, Occasionally – 43.8%

Boopsie has nothing to sell to your patrons, just you. Sounds plausible to me.

More stats

90% of app users visit the library in person (WA), 74.8% use e-resources

Boopsie is working with Oculus Rift – ?

Apps can be brought online within two weeks with 8 hours of librarian time.

They were convincing enough that I might stop by exhibits booth.

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