Internet Librarian Rough Cut: Getting the Word Out About eBooks

Here are my raw notes for:

Getting the Word Out About eBooks – Katie Beth Miller

I hope you find them at least somewhat useful. If not, at least I’ve documented the session for myself. If you have questions or would like to know more, let me know.


Presenter blog –

See PowerPoint as well

Readers advisory previously very visual – bookshelves, covers, etc

Initial effort to introduce eBooks was underwhelming. Kids would rather put print books on hold rather than use same eBook. (Greenhill school)

2013-14 school year, decided to push ebooks in major way.

Greenhill believes that not offering ebooks is cheating students on technology.

Use “FolletShelf” to deliver ebooks.

Devices -All students have laptops. Mobile 6-8th, majority have own devices. 9-12th required. Greenhill has a variety of devices including Nexus 7s and iPads.

Staff used edmodo to gather ideas, timeline and resources for ebook rollout

Important to sync your efforts to your school calendar. – Consider pushing bookmarks, etc right before break.

Created library icons for use across social media platforms

eBook rollout intended to be equal effort across website, blog, app and Twitter.

Each GH librarian has their own blog. Katie’s view hers as a diary.

Used LibGuide for website. Transitioned from LiveBinders.

Use widgets, but don’t keep them too long. Website posts Twitter feed.

GH created instructional videos for their website to help students access ebooks

Use Shelfari to create “new book shelves” for new titles. (Think ASL considered this at one point)

Animoto for book trailers

Using twitter – link to book reviews, pictures, and follow authors (@LibraryBuzz) See –

App – iBuild – School was able to get Android App up, but not iOS app due to iTunes restrictions.

Also put instructions and other materials into print newsletter.


Daniel here again. One thing that did trouble me slightly about this session is my perception that the library was pushing ebooks on a community not that interested in them. Ms. Miller did make a plausible case that in a school environment, librarians and teachers have a responsibility to prepare students to face important technologies. It still sort of felt like this e-books push was a solution in search of a problem. BUT I have to say that this could just be my perception. Especially since I probably wouldn’t have blinked if this was a presentation on how a school library was trying to promote 3D printing, whether or not the student body was initially receptive.

Ms. Miller also stated that she still needed to compile circ stats for the period after the campaign started. I hope she publishes them after they’re gathered. It is important to evaluate initiatives as intensive sounding as these.

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