Internet Librarian Rough Cut: Library Mashups

Here are my raw notes on:

Library Mashups – Nicole Engard

Let me know if you find these raw notes or if it would have been better for me to wait several weeks to deliver a polished session post. Because with NaNoWrimo upon me, that’s probably the minimum it would take.


Nicole Engard is the author of

Engard, Nicole C. 2014. More library mashups: exploring new ways to deliver library data.

From <>

APIs have exploded in growth since 2005

Source: ProgrammableWeb

Why Mashups – aside from standard reasons – “It’s a learning experience – and we never turn down learning experiences!”

Preparing to use Mashups

  • Ask vendors for APIs
  • Create RSS feeds for library content
  • Sign up for social networking sites
  • Create accounts for tools such as Yahoo! Pipes and IFTTT


If the 3rd party content goes away, so might your content.

Connecting to other web servers might make your website to load slower

Always read Terms of Service

Pipes – – Looks like there is more functionality than I remember – can it take APIs?

Ex – Koha Related Feeds

IFTTT – Now has Android actions

ScribbleMaps – Create a map mashup with simple drag and drop menus.

Open Refine – clean up data and add it to Freebase

Fusion Tables (

Can import files and create maps

Mashup examples – Takes texts and makes image recommendations

Public report ILS mashed with HighCharts (free license for non-profits)

Mashed Catalog –, powered by Blacklight

Overdrive has API. Pretty sure Mike knows this.

Reading recommendations – BookMeUp montana state university

Aids Poster Map – has slides and more.

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