Internet Librarian Rough Cut: News & Information, Community Curation & “Data Alchemy”

Here are my raw notes to:

News & Information, Community Curation & “Data Alchemy” by Kenn Bicknell

My impression is that the LA Metro Transportation Library has done a lot with the staff they have.


30,000 ft view of three areas

Check out “8 generative values of digitization” “Better than Free”


News Agg & disem

Began as an online clipping service

Why this area? – Being proactive in providing information

Had a desire to be mobile

Moved to – MetroLibrary Twitter Daily

Note: Might want to try again

Metro uses a freemium version to create a personalized version.  “Los Angeles Transportation Headlines”

Idea – Alaska State Agency Daily – perhaps way to share across agencies?


Community Curation

Flickr – deliberate promotion

Example embedded resources – monorail letter

Creating conversation & storytelling opportunities with interesting pictures

Calendaring – “this day in los angeles transportation history”

[Way to tie into HC?]

Use tiki-toki for interactive timeline

Interactive Family Tree: PeoplePlotr

They also use Historypin – Note: Check for Alaska related Historypins

They also have some augmented reality in historypin that interacts with Google Street View

Historypin also has tours. See 1984 Summer Olympics Tour from Metro


“data alchemy”

(This section was really rushed as the presenter was running out of time. Would have liked to have heard more.)


Library works with GIS Data Layers

Crowdsourced applications

Infographics and Data Visualization – Fresno County presented a two page infographic for their annual report.

“Exo-Library: Interactive Transit Kiosks”

“Los Angeles Information Network” (?)

Look for “Los Angeles Transportation Plans”

Getty Overdrive LA Constructs the Future 1940-1990

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