Internet Librarian Rough Cut: Reading 2.0: Using Technology to Promote Books, Not Replace Them

Here are my raw notes on:

Reading 2.0: Using Technology to Promote Books, Not Replace Them with Anita Beaman, Illinois State University

Let me know if you’d like to hear more and on what. Also, please visit the Reading 2.0 wiki. I think it has great ideas that will apply to many library types.


Reading 2.0 Wiki –

From wiki – Screensavers as book displays – highlight that idea.

Anita actually became a librarian because she liked to read.

Some discussion of whether internet is changing our brains.

Adult brains are more plastic than previously thought.

iGeneration – Early 2000s – present (Gen tech, Gen wii)

Book – rEwired by Larry Rosen – Highly recommended by Ms. Beaman – First few chapters are most useful

Ys & iGen

– More social

  • Communicate differently
  • NEED to multitask
    • Claim that research supports that they are actually multitasking
  • Can’t connect without technology
  • Think differently
    • Better at remembering/processing images

“So what does this all mean for reading and books”

Reading 2.0 – Reading will endure, if changed

  • More online content from authors
    • More interaction between authors and readers

Kids who go online to extend reading experience (author websites, etc) 60% more likely to read more.

Tour of wiki – some links posted to Twitter

Ms. Beaman talked about trying to understand IT’s point of view when they deny stuff and work to see where you might come to “meeting in the middle.”

Note – Consider using Storify to bring tweets on this session together.

Tweets and Facebooks

– Wiki iteself

  • Screensaver as book display
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