Internet Librarian Rough Cut: Using Web Analytics & Usability Testing to Turn Heads

Here are my raw notes on:

Using Web Analytics & Usability Testing to Turn Heads by Michael Cianfrani & Stacy Wittmann

These are presented in the belief that it is better to post something quickly than a long delayed, higher quality post. Feel free to let me know whether you think this is foolish.


Eisenhower Public Library District has map in footer

Control (access to CMS/Catalog/Calendar + Agency [right to design])

Resources x Control = Your degree of awesome



Pretty Pictures


Prove you are right

Figure out if you’re wrong

Lure Directors/Squash Bullies

Numbers you want (conversions?)

Catalog holds


Page interaction

CMS, Catalog, Calendar – Can I tag it?

Path or Funnel (Does a page encourage a patron action?)

Consider “pretty picture” when Google doesn’t work

Ex 1 – What to name it?

For example, heat maps of “we recommend” vs “books and movies”

Ex 2 – Are they seeing it?

Heat map of long pages – bottom seemed little use

Ex 3 – Is it worth it?

For example, book covers in

No one tool to rule them all

Stacy – testing

“Are you there, librarian? It’s me, Patron”

Rules for testing:

– Don’t be creepy (don’t take people to back rooms) Try lobby first

  • Manage expectations
  • You’re already talking to patrons

Heat mapping tool – crazy egg – In “appendix” of slides (These are behind the Internet Librarian login page, try asking the presenters?)

This effort focused on conversions – did users make a transaction (place a hold, register for an event, etc). Is this a good model for ASL? Should going to VILDA be counted as a conversion?

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