Internet Librarian: 30 Apps in 40 Minutes

Although my “Rough Cuts” for Internet Librarian have concluded. I still have a few more posts to make which I hope I can finish before throwing myself into Nanowrimo world for November.

Gary Price did an excellent session called “30 Apps in 40 Minutes.” I decided not to post this as a rough cut because my notes consisted of copying his web page handout at into OneNote and making annotations. So I figured it was a potential copyright violation. Librarians respect copyright.

Gary started his session by talking briefly about internet security. He used Wireshark and CookieCadger together to trace the internet traffic in the hall to specific machines. He had the good grace to only highlight the things HIS laptop was doing, but it was a chilling demo. He then went into ways that we could protect ourselves and our patrons.  I appreciate this service to the community.

Then he went on to the advertised main event. While I’m confident that all of the apps/app related sites Gary listed would be useful to someone, here are my “best bets” for people in libraries. I’ve noted ones that I either already use or intend to install when I get home:

If you were at Gary’s session, what resources seemed the most useful to you? If you live in Alaska, what apps do you find most helpful?

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