ALA’s Social Justice Collaboratorium (SJC)

Seen in the 11/14/2014 ALA Executive Director’s Report to Executive Board and Council:

The 2013 cohort of the ALA Spectrum Doctoral Fellows have worked to develop an online user centered resource, The Social Justice Collaboratorium (SJC). This resource allows for the confluence of research, resources, connections, best practices, and LIS school models in a centralized medium. Learn more about the SJC at a Midwinter News You Can Use Session on Saturday, January 31, 2015, 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. This interactive session is presented in tandem with a session at the ALISE conference and seizes the opportunity to gather librarians and library educators who are doing social justice (SJ) work within their institution/organization/research. Panelists will provide a life cycle overview including
brainstorming and ideation processes, gauging and anticipating user needs with the use of qualitative and quantitative data, feedback, communication, and other considerations. A group conversation about how people approach the topic of social justice—and ways that institutions have either denied, co-opted or morphed different kinds of social justice initiatives—will be facilitated through a series of questions: 1) What is Social Justice (SJ)? 2) What aspects of SJ are most needed in LIS? 3) What have been some model programs or initiatives? and 4) How does SJ move forward in LIS?

I have to be in a Council event during the time slot of the SJC, but I’m looking forward to following the work of the Collaboratorium.

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