Marketing to Libraries: ALA Library Fact Sheet 5

Marketing to Libraries

ALA Library Fact Sheet 5

Companies and products listed in this Fact Sheet are named for informational purposes only. ALA does not endorse specific products or companies. Contact companies directly for further information.

Please be aware that individual libraries are responsible for their own book purchases and collections. There is no one that chooses and distributes books to all libraries — and that includes ALA.

If what you want to do is donate your books to libraries, please see ALA Library Fact Sheet 12 – Sending Books to Needy Libraries: Book Donation Programs for information on organizations that provide that service. ALA does not does not accept or distribute donations of books or any other materials.

ALA has a review magazine called Booklist (see more details below), which shouldn’t be misunderstood to mean that it is a list of books that ALA recommends that libraries get. It is a journal with reviews of books and other materials.

The Library Market in General | What Do Libraries Buy? | How and When Do Libraries Buy? | Reviews | Advertising | Direct Mail/Library Mailing Lists | Authors for Libraries: Connecting Authors & Libraries | Special Note to Self-Published Authors, Authors with Print-on-Demand Books | Review periodicals and services for self-published and print-on-demand titles | Exhibiting/Arrange to Have Your Book Displayed at a Trade Show | Additional Opportunities for Books and Periodicals, Request Partnership with ALA | Selective Bibliography

via Marketing to Libraries | Professional Tools.

This fact sheet aims to clear up some misconceptions about libraries and collection development and points authors to resources.

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