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EveryLibrary has been tracking this case since 2013 for two reasons:  If the Tea Party ultimately prevails, the 99 libraries affected by the ruling may have to go out for Petition or Ballot to reset their tax rates to current levels; and, that this is a situation where a small group of anti-tax ideologues sued libraries, and that technique for ‘shrinking government’ has been proven viable. If the libraries prevail in their appeal, the funding picture for libraries in the Commonwealth of Kentucky is more stable, but the underlying anti-tax climate there – and across the country – has only been handed temporary setback. When the URL one of the local plaintiff groups is “”, they will be back.  They are on a mission.

via Kentucky Contingencies | EveryLibrary.

This is a case the whole library community needs to be watching. And offer whatever assistance Kentucky libraries need if they lose. A success for the Tea Party in Kentucky will very likely mean challenges in many more states with the express intent of dismantling support infrastructure nationwide.

I’ve never understood why anyone except the completely self-sufficient who don’t use roads and don’t care for police or fire protection would want a taxless society. If they really mean taxless, we’d be looking at a patchwork of fiefdoms. Except that with no government, no existing currencies would be viable and that would wipe out most of the 1%. Even the ones who had gold reserves might find it hard to eat without an organized society to grow their food. But I digress.

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