Automating Libraries: A Selected Annotated Bibliography | ALA Library Fact Sheet 21

Automating Libraries: A Selected Annotated Bibliography

ALA Library Fact Sheet 21

Companies and products listed in this Fact Sheet are named for informational purposes only. ALA does not endorse specific products or companies. Contact companies directly for further information.

Cataloging Software – Automating Small Libraries and Home Libraries | General Resources/Vendor and Product Evaluations | Additional System Resources | Open Source Systems | Discovery Services Systems |

The phrase “library automation” has many diverse and unrelated meanings in the literature of librarianship. This fact sheet offers a selection of print and online resources that will provide an introduction to the issues to consider when selecting a tool that organizes yet provides patron access and circulation inventory for your library’s collection of books, DVDs, and any other materials. This page includes evaluations and overviews on integrated library systems (ILS) and cataloging software programs.

ALA’s American Libraries Buyers Guide offers an entire Automation category of various products and services, with companies listed in designated categories, including Bar Codes; Cataloging; Digital Archiving; Discovery Services Platform; Integrated Library Systems; Library Automated Systems; Inventory Management; OPAC; RFID; and Self-Check Systems.

A list of books on library automation that may be more readily available from your local public and/or community college library than your local bookstore appears at the free, searchable online database of library catalogs from across the country, OCLC’s, at:

Library Automation at

See the entire list of Systems and Technologies titles at the ALA Online Store, including books, ebooks, eCourses, ALA TechSource Workshops, LITA Guides, and pertinent issues of eContent Quarterly and Library Technology Reports.

PLEASE NOTE: Products such as Cataloger’s Desktop and Classification Web for the Library of Congress Classification system and such as WebDewey for the Dewey Decimal Classification® system are discussed on ALA Library Fact Sheet 18 – How to Acquire Cataloging Tools, in the section, Cataloging Subscription Services and Other Online Support Tools.

via Automating Libraries: A Selected Annotated Bibliography | Professional Tools.

Nearly all libraries are have computer catalogs. But for those who don’t or are looking to switch their automation systems, this could be a good resource.

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