Filing Rules | ALA Library Fact Sheet 27

Filing Rules

ALA Library Fact Sheet 27

Even though library catalogs are now online, with built-in programming to create screen displays of search results in alphabetic (or other) order, and the software we use will arrange lists for us at the click of a mouse, there are still times we need filing rules to provide consistency in the arrangement of text, books, or files.  For libraries that arrange fiction by the author’s last name, it may be necessary to refer to a set of filing rules to determine the proper sequencing of works, for example, by Debbie Macomber and Ronald McDonald, in a specific library.

Basic Instructions

There are two main versions of filing rules: letter-by-letter and word-by-word.

via Filing Rules | Professional Tools.

If you need help in figuring where things go on the shelf or want some rules to organization your collection of whatever, this fact sheet may be for you.

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