ALA Midwinter 2015 – Council I

I’ve decided to follow the approach at ALA that I did with Internet Librarian and post my rough notes. That should make my Council posts more timely. Here are my notes for Council I. If you have questions about this session, please leave them in comments.

2014-2015 ALA CD#8.1rev_12815_act

2015 ALA Midwinter Meeting

ALA Council I

Sunday, February 1, 2015, 8:30am-11:00am

McCormick Place Center, West Building, Level 3, W375e

Chicago, IL

 Presiding: Courtney L. Young, ALA President

Assisting: Sari Feldman, ALA President-Elect

Secretary of Council: Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director

Parliamentarian: Eli Mina


**Time Allowance

Order of Business

  • Call to Order                                10 Mins

 Introductions and Announcements

Courtney L. Young, ALA President

 –    Establishing the Quorum (75 Councilors constitute a quorum)

Courtney L. Young, ALA President

Adoption of the Rules

Courtney L. Young, ALA President, ALA CD#5

 Agenda Review

Courtney L. Young, ALA President,

ALA CD#8.1rev_12815_act

(New Items May be Introduced Here)


    • Approval of the 2014 ALA Annual Conference        1 Min

Council Minutes, Courtney L. Young, ALA President,


  • Reports of ALA/Council Committees
    • Nominations for the Council Executive Board Election    5 Mins

Sari Feldman, ALA President-Elect and

Chair, Committee on Committees, ALA CD#11***


Gladys Smiley Bell                         Loida Garcia-Febo

Peabody Librarian                        President, Information New Wave

Hampton University                    Brooklyn, NY

Hampton, VA

Aaron W. Dobbs

John C. DeSantis                        Systems and Electronic Resources

Cataloging & Metadata Services Librarian            Librarian

Bibliographer, Russian, Theater & Film Studies     Shippensburg University of

Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH                 Pennsylvania

Ezra Lehman Memorial Library

Julius C. Jefferson Jr.                     Shippensburg, PA

Information Research Specialist

Congressional Research Service                Mike L. Marlin

Library of Congress                     Director, Braille and Talking Book

Washington, DC                            Library

California State Library

Sacramento, CA

Nominations from the floor – Bernie Margolis,  John Sandstrom,

As I understand it, floor nominations for executive board are rare.

E Board Candidates Forum on Monday

Appointment of the Tellers Committee for            1 Mins

the ALA Executive Board Election

Courtney L. Young, ALA President, ALA CD#11.1

  • Reports of Officers
    • Review of Executive Board Actions since the 2014        5 Mins   

Annual Conference, Keith Michael Fiels,

Executive Director, ALA CD#15

No Questions were asked.

Implementation of the 2014 ALA Annual Conference    5 Mins

Council Actions, Keith Michael Fiels,

Secretary of Council, ALA CD#9

Question from audience: – Is there a way for “finished things” be publicized at the time?

Keith – will try to publicize milestones as they happen.

  • New Business

 New Business and/or Continuance of the Agenda

Discussion Session on ALA Strategic Directions            75 Mins

Courtney L. Young, ALA President

Discussion of advocacy, information policy and Professional and Leadership Development. This turned into a small group activity.

Council followed the same process as other groups. You can see what they had to say and add your own opinions at

  • Announcements

Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director and ALA Secretary of Council

10,552 – registrations

Adjournment, Courtney L. Young, ALA President

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