ALA Midwinter 2015: ALA Council II

Here are my rough notes and links for ALA Council II. One controversial resolution was withdrawn and another postponed till Council III.

2014-2015 ALA CD#8.2_Rev_2115_act

2015 ALA Midwinter Meeting

ALA Council II

Monday, February 2, 2015, 10:00am-12:15pm

McCormick Place Center, West Building, Level 3, W375e

Chicago, IL

Presiding: Courtney L. Young, ALA President

Assisting: Sari Feldman, ALA President-Elect

Secretary of Council: Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director

Parliamentarian: Eli Mina

**Time Allowance

Order of Business

  • Call to Order   

10 Mins

  • Introductions and Announcements

Courtney L. Young, ALA President

  • Establishing the Quorum, (75 Councilors constitute a quorum)

Courtney L. Young, ALA President

 Agenda Review

Courtney L. Young, ALA President,

ALA CD#8.2_2115_act (This agenda)

 (New Items May be Introduced Here)

  • Reports of ALA/Council Committees

Committee on Accreditation Report                    15 Mins

 Mary Stansbury, Chair, ALA CD#10

Voted yes. Accreditation has done good work.


  • Policy Monitoring Committee Report                10 Mins

ALA Councilor Henry R. Stewart, Chair, ALA CD#17

Action Item 1 – Communcations to ALA members by ALA Committees and Council Committees

Voted yes. This is routine.


Action Item 2 – Lifespan of Membership Initiative Groups (3 years with subsequently renewals)

Voted yes. This is routine.


Action Item 3 – Copyright: Interpretation of the Code of Ethics

Voted yes. This is routine.


PMC simply recommends where to put already passed policy. It’s not a place for wordsmithing and I trust the committee’s judgment on where to place items in the ALA Policy Manual.

Committee on Organization Report                    10 Mins

Mary E. Rzepczynski, Chair, ALA CD#27

Revision of BARC description to clarify that treasurer service does not count towards four year limit.

Discussion on four year lifetime limitation on BARC service. Wasn’t the COO charge this time. Could be looked at later.

I’m surprised at the amount of discussion here. Not sure where 4yr limit came from.

Discussion over whether non-renewable term is same as a lifetime limit.

Larry Romans – we’re not really discussion motion. Let’s vote now and fix later.

Motion to refer this back to COO.

Parlamentarian vote to refer is in Order.

Voted yes to refer – seemed to lack consensus.


Constitution and Bylaws Committee Report            10 Mins

James Rettig, Chair, ALA CD#25

Action Item – Recommendation that Council place an amendment to the ALA Bylaws on the Spring 2015 ballot.

Our current bylaws refer to a specific title of parliamentary rules. So need a bylaws change to change to a different book.

Cmte suggests we take this opportunity to start using Roberts Rules of Orders. Reasons are given in the report I’ve linked to.

Discussion – SRRT Councilor objects to adoption of Roberts. Roberts is too complicated. Thinks it hides transparency.

Lauren Comito – when would this become effective? Answer: After Membership Vote for approval.

Several councilors joined SRRT in praising simplicity of Sturgis. Others focused on complexity of Roberts. I have no car in this race.

Surprised by the amount of discussion on this issue.

Bill Sudduth, GODORT Councilor spoke in favor of Roberts. Feels that complicated situations are better served by Roberts.

Bernie Margolis – Supports a RETURN to Roberts. He felt ALA changed to Sturgis because they were on the Sturgis board.

Several Councilors noted this was something for membership to vote on. I don’t think that’s a good reason because we and committee people have to live with it.

Voted yes – has support of cmte and ALA parliamentarian.


  • Reports of Special Committees/Groups
  • Freedom to Read Foundation Report                10 Mins

Julius C. Jefferson, Jr., FTRF President, ALA CD#22

A lot of reading of his report. All good work, but why reiterate things already sent to Council. We’re librarians. We read.

No action items were offered. I do recommend you read the report.

  • Reports of Officers

FY2016 Programmatic Priorities                    10 Mins

Mario M. Gonzalez, ALA Treasurer, ALA CD#13.1 – Programmatic Priorities – Cover sheet

ALA’s Programmatic Proposed Priorities:

Advocacy for Libraries and the Profession

  • Diversity
  • Education and Lifelong Learning
  • Equitable Access to Information and Library Services
  • Intellectual Freedom
  • Literacy
  • Organizational Excellence
  • Transforming Libraries


What happens after we pass these. Answer: They’re used to develop the budget.

Voted Yes – These have been hashed out before and are worthy.


New Business:


  • Resolution on the Destruction of Libraries and            10 Mins

Schools in Gaza in 2014, ALA CD#32

ALA Councilors Jane Glasby and Al Kagan 


Resolution on ALA Divestment from Caterpillar,            10 Mins

Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola Solutions

ALA Councilors Al Kagan and Jane Glasby, ALA CD#34

SRRT Withdraws, asking for more information.

SRRT wants to learn more about endowment funds. Also wants a full list of ALA Investments as described in Endowment Trustees report Exhibit 9


Resolution Encouraging Library Directors to Join their         10 Mins

Trustees to ALA and United for Libraries,

ALA Councilors Susan Schmidt and Emily Bergman,



Larry Romans – Moves to change Title to “Resolution Encouraging Library Directors to Provide Funds for Trustees to join ALA and United for Libraries”

Additional discussion involving wordsmithing and questioning limiting to public libraries.

Fairly extensive discussion centering around need to expand past public libraries.

Keith Michael Fiels really wants to be able to implement this resolution.

Larry Romans moves to refer back to resolutions committee and Council III

Voted Yes to refer – too many councilors had heartburn over wording


  • Announcements
    • Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director

 and ALA Secretary of Council

Two more councilor at large petition candidates

10,568 registrations

E-Board ballots available till 1:30

Council Forum II, Hyatt Chicago A&B

Chapter Forum Grand ballroom A

  • Adjournment
    • Courtney L. Young, ALA President
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2 Responses to ALA Midwinter 2015: ALA Council II

  1. Julius says:

    To The Distinguished Councilor from the Great State of Alaska,

    I read your blog about ALAMW Council II; more specifically your comments about the FTRF report where you stated, “A lot of reading of his report. All good work, but why reiterate things already sent to Council. We’re librarians. We read.”
    Forgive me if you were offended by my prepared summary of FTRF’s litigation. Both cases are very complicated and I wanted to give some detail to the new Councilors. The FTRF report was 5 pages. I am slightly offended that you really thought I read 5 pages to Council? In fact I did read a summary of the two cases we are litigating, but that language was not in the FTRF report. I summarized highlights of the report for remainder of my presentation.
    I will work on making a better presentation of the FTRF report at ALA Annual, but will continue to highlight important activities of the Foundation.



    • Daniel Cornwall says:

      Offended is too strong a word for how I felt. I do feel that while you did say a few things outside of your report, much of it felt like repetition to me. But for people who did not read the report, it probably felt different.

      Also, if I felt you had read the entire five page report I would have – “Simply read his report verbatim” rather than “a lot”

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