Attention LIS Students! – State/ALA Joint Student Memberships May be Available.

Thirty-four Chapters (aka state library associations) partner with ALA to offer students the opportunity to join them and ALA for one low price of $38, now through August 31, 2015. New program partners in 2015 are Arkansas Library Association (pending a bylaws vote), Delaware Library Association, Indiana Library Federation, Kentucky Library Association, Michigan Library Association, and Ohio Library Council.

via 34 State Library Associations Partner with ALA to Offer Joint Student Memberships | Membership.

If you’re in library school, you may be able to join your state library association AND the American Library Association (ALA) for the single price of $38. This is possible in 34 states and we in Alaska will be mulling it over at our next Executive Council meeting.

Trust me. This is an inexpensive way to find out if ALA is for you while supporting your state library association, which gets half the membership fee.

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