Day 4: Scratch Week 2 and Using My Geometry | Eclectic Alaskan

Sometimes we labor hard for a modest result. Such was my experience with Week 2 of the Programming With Scratch. I found week 1’s music based project empowering. Week 2’s Drawing with a Computer was considerably harder to get through. I feel like I understand the basic principle well enough – Put a pen on the screen, move, turn, rinse lather, repeat and you have a picture. I also did very well on the homework and quiz questions for the most part. But actually programming a sun and mountains picture was a struggle. It took me time and Google searching to figure out how to change the pen color. Then my mountains were staircases, off the stage entirely or vertical. I kept at it in part because the project required us to use repeat loops in our program.

via Day 4: Scratch Week 2 and Using My Geometry | Eclectic Alaskan.

Cross post from my personal blog on my experience with the Scratch programming language to draw.

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